Doodle Takes the Headache Out of Scheduling

Jul 11, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Blog, Project Management, Small Business, Tech

Scheduling a group event while being respectful of people’s prior engagements is a tricky undertaking. It often results in an endless email chain that yields verbosely unclear answers. Well, I’ve got good news; your email skimming and sifting days are over! Meet Doodle.

Doodle helps you figure out the best time to schedule meetings and events by sending participants a number of dates that have been pre-selected by you the organizer. The participant then has an opportunity to approve each date and time. As responses trickle in, Doodle compiles an easy-to-read table showing everyone the logical date and time, which is later confirmed by the organizer. In addition, Doodle is mindful of the “wordier” participant and kindly offers space to write a note to the group.

Next time you’re ready to schedule your staff meeting or networking event, give Doodle a shot. The Twelve Oaks team members are avid supporters!



Elizabeth McPhail grew up learning about the trials, tribulations, and perks of small family-owned business. She creates and maintains websites and blogs, and in her spare time can be found on the water boating!

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